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12:34am 01-02-2017
Interesting stuff. I trained initially on Pattern 5562 UBA O2 Re-breather. Am trying to find a decent photo of such a set for my book. Any help appreciated. I went on to become a Helicopter Aircrew/SAR Diver.
Roger B
12:57am 12-30-2016
Nice website! You've done the hard work!
12:02am 12-30-2016

great site
9:45am 12-14-2016
sending hello from sweden
looking for some info about the dräger automatic breathing valve T11801/T11485 on the helmet DM220
best regards pär
8:41pm 12-11-2016
Nice info!
7:46am 12-11-2016
Looking for any information about old equipment used by Israeli navy seals for research purposes. Any he?p will be greatly appreciated.
4:40pm 11-06-2016
I was one of two people who worked for Bob Nicholson on the SCR4.
Among other fittings, I built the scrubber.
Hard to believe that was 20 years ago
4:04pm 11-04-2016
I worked for a Siebs, Gorman & Co. Subsidiary, James H north & Co., they sent me on a course for CABA Equipment, brilliant stuff. I actually use Oxygen now, (through night on Condenser), and have small portable Cylinders. Is there a Regenerative Kit available for general use? It would be brilliant to have along in the Jeep, or the Boat when Fishing/ sailing! Needs to be Portable of course. I still have the Book by Robert H Davis, 'Breathing in Irrespirable Atmospheres'.
2:51pm 10-23-2016
Very intéressant
7:11pm 10-18-2016
I picked up a beautiful Pirelli long range rebreather. I believe it is a model 901. I am missing the mask that goes with it and wondering if there are any leads as where to find one. What I have are two sets of the harness for it. Thanls Bob
10:07pm 10-17-2016
Good job!
2:31pm 10-07-2016
During my sub training in 1958 in New London,conn., we used the Momson lung in the 100 foot tower used for training. We also trained for the "free ascent" which was used for depths too deep for the "Mommsen". We did one
in open seas while aboard the USS BALAO(ss285). I would like more info from those who used this method in WW2. I always wondered how successful they were from deeper depths beyond the capacity of the Mommsen Lung.
1:41pm 10-03-2016
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1:37pm 10-03-2016
I am JaPanese.I like fino.
but I cannot use fino.
6:31pm 10-02-2016
Thanks for a great article. As a kid in Ocean City, I would ride my bike down to the Smugglers Shop every day to walk around that store. Loved it.
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