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3:35pm 09-28-2016
My dad worked at Hamilton Standard and was the managing chief engineer for the PLSS development. I have a picture of the prototype for Apollo 11-15.My dad passed away and I am having a hard time finding someone to verify this. Can anyone help?
3:40am 09-19-2016
Dave, don't think I'm ready to try this yet; to young at 70. still free diving for abs at 50' occasionally. what equipment do you need to manufacture the parts? Have you always been the mad genius? Seems really cool. Congrats.
11:14am 09-01-2016
31 AUG 2016
I am serious collector dive helmets (over 100) based in Singapore. If you have any helmets for sale pls contact me.
Especially interested in Miller - Dunn MKV - if you get the HDS magazine - I was 1 of the very early founding benefactors
Best Rgds
7:21am 08-14-2016
I worked for James E Dean Marine divers from 68 to 81 and John Girard was my tender until I "broke" him out. Jimmy bought two of these systems at 30K each and we never really used them much. Dave Morrison and myself did most of the deep diving (up to 300') on air with like 20-25 min bottom times. I think George Wymer was the one who talked Jimmy into buying them. When Jimmy died I ended up with one of the units which I am fixing to put on ebay.
6:33pm 08-10-2016
What a comprehensive website about rebreathers! It must have taken you a long time to get all this information. Very good job I must say! Best Regards, Peter kredittkort from Oslo
6:00pm 08-05-2016
We used these rigs, the MK6, in the Deep Reconnaissance Plt back in the mid 70s. The Corps disbanded Force Recon Co in 1974 and deployed only the platoon sized version. This eqpt was better than nothing, but was a very dangerous rig because of possibility of
slicing air hoses. Seawater in the closed circuit created a poison gas in the system. It was what the Corps could afford. Meanwhile the SEALs were using Draegers. Assess, adapt, overcome.
7:14pm 07-27-2016
Great collection :-))
9:56pm 07-22-2016
Really interesting site.
2:01am 07-21-2016
Great site and pictures, thank you. Denny
8:17pm 07-15-2016
I enjoy every piece of history .I work for Draeger in the Alcohol breathalyzer part of the Company.
6:08am 07-12-2016
Very, very interesting site.
I have the possibility to shot many photos of the Pirelli "uomo gamma" rebreather in september 2016
I live in Genua, Italy
12:32pm 07-11-2016
Thank you for the information on these pages. I have an MSA OBA A-4, and was trying to find the date of manufacture, but most grateful for the information on the site.

11:13am 07-01-2016
Ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg
7:01am 06-16-2016
Great information! Jeroen Gompelman showed me this website. Keep up the good work, brgds Serge
11:52pm 06-15-2016
looking for a book by eric micheletti 'warriors from the deep' Thank you for any assistance in obtaining to this text and how i might be able to get a hold of it. Ron
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