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3:19pm 10-26-2015
Hartelijk dank voor uw zeer interessante site over het "ss Wilhelmina".
Mijn opa (Hubregt de Smidt) was getrouwd met de dochter van Abraham Abrahamse, die in 1916 omgekomen is bij de ondergang van het "SS Wilhelmina".
4:22am 10-19-2015
Really darn interesting! I hope you keep your site online.
4:39am 10-18-2015
A lot of very interesting info here, thanks.
11:08am 10-15-2015
Researching for My book. Reminding. I attended the DIII course at HMS Vernon in 1954 as a R E diver
4:23pm 10-10-2015
I belong to a volunteer fire brigade and we are so fortunate to be given 2 sets of kawasaki oxy gem rebreathers.. But we have no idea how it works and canisters are missing.
1:31pm 09-30-2015
Thanks for a cool site! need spares for RG- ufm....
7:31am 09-11-2015
Very useful site. Don't let it be deleted.
7:20am 09-08-2015
I have the third one in green. Interesred? I can send
7:13am 09-08-2015
Hello! I have a helmet from 1821 interested?
Replied on: 12:05pm 10-15-2015

please send pictures

1:16pm 08-24-2015
Just want to say hi .

11:31am 08-01-2015
Prachtig en mooi kompleet overzicht hoor !.
Hier heeft een mens wat aan.

m.v.g., Roy
2:02pm 07-23-2015
Tks for all, i´m from Brazil.
2:37am 07-22-2015
Gracias por la información.
1:22am 07-05-2015
I was reading "Have Spacesuit Will Travel" by Robert A. Heinlein, his description of the suit's air system made think of rebreathers so I've been looking at them. Now I want to build one.
11:08pm 06-24-2015
Attend the site several years.
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