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8:31am 05-18-2015
Thank you for making this great site.
5:49pm 05-10-2015
Nice Site
7:00am 05-09-2015
LOVE THAT REBREATHERS for Divers r main stream now
1:55am 04-28-2015
Hello from Canada
Very nice Titan Box......Wil buy one.....One day !
4:06am 04-15-2015
John Dugan
Wonderful site! Thank you for an interesting and informative site.
7:56pm 03-29-2015
Great site!
10:51pm 03-22-2015
Peter Longo
Thanks for the info! Its clear and understandable. I was looking for more information about rebreathers and found it here.
7:45am 03-19-2015
Nice site. Been a long time (1956) sense I used a re-breather.
4:18pm 03-17-2015
Scott jones
Thank you for sharing this amazing piece of history. When people think of underwater photography most do not go back any further than Cousteau.
6:27pm 03-16-2015
Good read. I was CO of NEDU when the CCR 1000 came out and had worked with Phil Nutyen and the Canadian Navy. we also dove the Rat Hat at NEDU. We also tested the SDL1 in the Ocean Simulation Facility.
We hope to be presenting a paper at SNAME on our MANTA submarine design
11:28am 03-16-2015
Cool reading, Thanks
8:08pm 02-14-2015
3:36pm 02-01-2015
Hej grabben hur mår Du

7:28am 01-16-2015
Thanks for all the good work.
10:54am 01-15-2015
Hello Jan Williem, Your site has sure grown a lot since the last time I got a chance to check it out.
I was looking at your pics of assorted re breathers trying to find some info about a strange one.
It was the Last one on your list that I looked at, wouldn't ya know it !
It is The J.H. Emerson and Co. " Min-O-Lung"
Do you have Any other info you could tell me about it ? a guy I know has one that is like Brand new. It looks Military but I guess it's not. Do you know where I can find out more info about the Min-O- Lung ? Year it was made ? What it might be worth in MINT condition etc. Any info you might have would sure be appreciated . Thanks a lot Don Russell Ca. USA
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