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6:33pm 01-06-2020
Pauli Uusitalo
12:32pm 01-01-2020
Maurizio Sicco
Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing
1:27am 12-04-2019
Aaron Gillespie
Well written, good job!
6:31am 12-03-2019
Joel E. Tuck
Joel Tuck

Very interesting article. Love the photos. Is anyone using cryo scuba now in 2019?
12:43pm 10-22-2019
I found this site so awesome. It very nice that you allowed me to put a message in your guestbook. After completing my essay help online, I will write a piece of essay for this guestbook. Thanks for the opportunity.
10:27pm 10-13-2019
Mark Roberts
Enjoyed your site. Was trying to locate a "Mine Safety Appliances" re-breather unit I need to sell. Couldn't find it in the database. I don't see a way to attach any pictures of it. Thanks for lots of interesting reading.
7:58am 09-19-2019
Rafa Herrero
Is there a version of Gap for Mac?
2:25pm 09-07-2019
Hello do you have any more information on the LOX 120? I found one and I'm having trouble finding out anything about it. Any help would be great. Thankyou
9:26pm 08-25-2019
Joseph F.White MD
I love your site and recommend it to all my diving friends. Your site has brought immeasurable pleasure for many older rebreather divers as well as newer divers. Thanks!
11:38pm 07-16-2019
Dennis Ould
HI This brings back some memories! i was certified on 10/11/96 at the ANDI Facility on long island by Anthony G Zimos RBI-#2
useing the 2 UT-240
6:52pm 07-04-2019
Jeff Waters
nice job .!!
6:38pm 07-02-2019
Phil Nuytten
Good Work!
11:27pm 06-07-2019
David S Harrelson
Quite the selection you have acquired. Thats a lot of information that you have obtained.
11:24am 05-25-2019
Kerry McKenzie
Greetings old friend, it has been a while, Im still alive but no longer diving now as i gave it all up after 43 years of regular diving.
kind regards Kerry McKenzie (Tubby)
4:19am 05-25-2019
Un site où je reviens souvent.
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