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7:03pm 01-08-2016
Kirk Maberry
Saw this suit on pinterest and started looking around for more info. You have much more than anyone else.
9:40pm 01-07-2016
Don Field
Your website is an interesting discovery
8:04pm 12-29-2015
David j gerety
Awesome job really enjoyed your artwork
2:55am 12-25-2015
francis galland
good job, well done.
11:52am 12-04-2015
James Thomson
Very good site.
10:53pm 11-24-2015
J.B. Polak
My grandfather, Bernard Samuels, flutist, in 1911 invented a device for assisting players of wind instruments in sustaining long notes. This device he called "aerophor".
I have various times come across this name as designating an apparatus used in the mining industry.
Has my grandfather known about the existence of the name "aerophor" in its latter sense? There is no documentation about this whatsoever. As an inventor, he may himself also have invented the name for his invention. On the other hand, there is no reason to exclude that he was aware of the existence of the name "aerophor" for an apparatus used in the mining industry.

Jacob Polak
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
6:53pm 11-24-2015
Deborah Johnson
Great resource for identifying older units.
1:15pm 11-13-2015
Ryszard Czarnecki

Many times your work was useful.
Usually I enter in their own ways. That is why I am the author of the SCR with a constant ppO2: PL 214445 (P-377789), PL 214464 (P-386700), P-393223, P-411743, ... .

I greet Ryszard Czarnecki
12:21am 11-12-2015
Stuart Etherington
Great site,building mechanical rebreather. Thank you
8:06pm 11-10-2015
David Peckham
Well done a great find. I worked for Siebe Gorman until 1969. Then Deep Sea Engineering (Company formed by ex SG people0. Then taken over by La Las Spirotechnique in London and then Paris as Manager of the UK arm of the Safety Division. in 1976/77 the whole caboodle was combined with Fenzy, also part of the Air Liquid empire. I left to set up my own diving and safety company in Worthing Sussex. Some timer later I understand Air Liquid decided to cut and run and put everything into the US Diver Aqualung brand. Not sure what happened to the Safety BA Side although another company Fernez was involved with the development of the Rubber/Neoprene Mask side.)(Heinke did the same for SG). TheBy the way see Ursula Andress coming out of the sea in Dr No - the cork handled diver's knife was an Siebe Gorman product - I have it in my cabinet! (But is it the real one?).

Alan Cooke - HMS Vernon eh?
Went there a couple of times with trial apparatus. Now eat Burger Kings on the site! How sad. Visited the Submarine Museum at Gosport a while ago. Incidentally my office at Siebe Gorman Chessington was next to Capt. Bill Shelford (WW11 X craft).
2:43pm 11-01-2015
Kurt Nannen
Hallo from north Germany, i am interested in a O2 Booster, and Kaliumhyperoxid for my Russian re-breather. :-)
2:29am 10-28-2015
Don Storck
Very interesting! Great photos!
I will be referencing this in our club's newsletter; The Scuba Scoop of Saginaw Underwater Explorers.
Thank You!
3:37pm 10-26-2015
Jojo Uy
I love your site. Very informative
3:19pm 10-26-2015
Lodewijk de Jonge
Hartelijk dank voor uw zeer interessante site over het "ss Wilhelmina".
Mijn opa (Hubregt de Smidt) was getrouwd met de dochter van Abraham Abrahamse, die in 1916 omgekomen is bij de ondergang van het "SS Wilhelmina".
4:22am 10-19-2015
Really darn interesting! I hope you keep your site online.
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