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4:23pm 10-10-2015
I belong to a volunteer fire brigade and we are so fortunate to be given 2 sets of kawasaki oxy gem rebreathers.. But we have no idea how it works and canisters are missing.
1:31pm 09-30-2015
Peter herbst
Thanks for a cool site! need spares for RG- ufm....
7:31am 09-11-2015
Anthony Appleyard
Very useful site. Don't let it be deleted.
7:20am 09-08-2015
Sabrina Saballos
I have the third one in green. Interesred? I can send
7:13am 09-08-2015
Sabrina Saballos
Hello! I have a helmet from 1821 interested?
Replied on: 12:05pm 10-15-2015

please send pictures

1:16pm 08-24-2015
Bo Ragnar Fröland
Just want to say hi .

11:31am 08-01-2015
Prachtig en mooi kompleet overzicht hoor !.
Hier heeft een mens wat aan.

m.v.g., Roy
2:02pm 07-23-2015
Daniel Pilatti
Tks for all, i´m from Brazil.
2:37am 07-22-2015
Verónica G
Gracias por la información.
1:22am 07-05-2015
Joe I
I was reading "Have Spacesuit Will Travel" by Robert A. Heinlein, his description of the suit's air system made think of rebreathers so I've been looking at them. Now I want to build one.
11:08pm 06-24-2015
Attend the site several years.
7:42am 06-14-2015
Roger Jarvanpaa
I acquired a Momsen Lung and was trying to find any info as to what it is worth. I don't know if it is complete and it's not in the best of shape. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
8:31am 05-18-2015
Tony Kopp
Thank you for making this great site.
5:49pm 05-10-2015
Sergio Siqueira
Nice Site
7:00am 05-09-2015
Kevin Gibian
LOVE THAT REBREATHERS for Divers r main stream now
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