8:58pm 02-06-2022
Fantastic site 👍🏼 Thanks 😊
7:59pm 01-30-2022
I hope finding news about ubs 40 omg
9:52pm 01-26-2022
o Kane Paul
Trained in it. Worked in it. 1973/4. Northern Ireland Fire Rescue Service
9:49pm 01-26-2022
o Kane Paul
Trained in the Proto. Worked with it. 1973/4 Northland. Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue
6:21pm 01-14-2022
randy rosin
the adventure of reconstructing history
10:57pm 01-06-2022
Nice work !
6:35pm 01-06-2022
Vance E Breese
Very interesting Stan. Thank you for sharing the fun.
9:12pm 12-28-2021
Donald Jacobson
Great site, enjoyed reading all the DIY builder's notes and photos. I made a WWII style rebreather about 50years ago, made it from descriptions of the "Frogman's" rigs scrubber inside the lung, O2 fed manually single hose connected to the top of the scrubber. It worked for 10 minutes then the scrubber leaked allowing water to soak the scrubber chemical, not good. That was the end of my home made units. Later got involved with piloting 2 man submersibles, plus captaining a sightseeing 48 passenger sub.
1:39pm 12-25-2021
Bruce Gallinger
We worked with these units in the Bahamas in '73. A long time ago...
4:46am 12-15-2021
Quentin Young
Very lovely website, thank you
1:37am 12-09-2021
Alexander Douglas
Hello, anyone here?
3:25am 12-05-2021
Alexander Douglas
3:22am 12-05-2021
Alexander Douglas
Thank you for building and maintaining this website, I have visited many times over the years for ideas and inspiration. One of the proudest moments in my life was having the opportunity to work for Dan Wible on his amazing CCR 2000 unit. I still a well known O2 unit for fun and boat maintenance. Stay safe everyone ✊
2:19pm 11-29-2021
Khalid young
I'm a cave diving and explorer and love this RB. I also am a web developer and back end server operator. I can help you update your website if you need. Just reach out.
11:29pm 11-28-2021
yves clercin canada
merci pour votre site, je construit encyclopédie des appareils plongeurs toutes époques, j'aurai de l'intérêt pour des archives que vous avez, , bien sur nom sera mentionné lorsque je vais écrire sur Neufeldt und Kuhnke, n'hésitesz pas a écrire merci
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