3:25am 12-05-2021
Alexander Douglas
3:22am 12-05-2021
Alexander Douglas
Thank you for building and maintaining this website, I have visited many times over the years for ideas and inspiration. One of the proudest moments in my life was having the opportunity to work for Dan Wible on his amazing CCR 2000 unit. I still a well known O2 unit for fun and boat maintenance. Stay safe everyone ✊
2:19pm 11-29-2021
Khalid young
I'm a cave diving and explorer and love this RB. I also am a web developer and back end server operator. I can help you update your website if you need. Just reach out.
11:29pm 11-28-2021
yves clercin canada
merci pour votre site, je construit encyclopédie des appareils plongeurs toutes époques, j'aurai de l'intérêt pour des archives que vous avez, , bien sur nom sera mentionné lorsque je vais écrire sur Neufeldt und Kuhnke, n'hésitesz pas a écrire merci
11:47pm 11-02-2021
Mal Norrie
I stumbled across the Gunilda story via a FaceBook post and ended up here on your site. A very interesting read and haunting story both about the ill fated ship and also the history of those who dived her. I noted in one article that she was purchased from Lloyds of London by Fred Broennie who intended to raise her. Who owns her now and did Fred ever attempt to raise her??? Thanks for a great article. I will put the Lake on my travel bucket list when we are able to travel again. Regards - Mal from BUDERIM, Australia.
9:41am 11-02-2021
Timothy Henry Finch
My Great Grandfather located the Islander in 1902. My Grandfather worked the 1st year of the Wiley efforts in1929. He didn't go back the following year, possibly due to the crash of the economy along with the unknown aspect of whether the Wiley Expedition would be successful.
4:43pm 10-23-2021
Really interesting, thanks for the site!
2:22am 10-07-2021
William Hope
Thank you so much for sharing this information. Absolutely amazing technology for that time.
9:40pm 07-29-2021
I want to sell one
Typ 62015 nr 4701
Schl-nr-elm 13887143eipzig
3:40pm 07-28-2021
Elekes Gábor
Nagyon szép, korrekt ismertető.
6:51am 07-14-2021
Victor Rattman
i was hoping it'd be a real dolphin
3:35pm 07-05-2021
Garland Remington II
I found all of this extremely interesting! To say the least. Especially when we see where our industry is that today. And to think, this was for all intents and purposes, the beginning. What absolutely positively, outstanding history!!!! I have always been addicted to history. And to historical subjects based upon pretty much, anything. BRAVO
9:00pm 06-15-2021
Alfred Robok
Ich besitze einige Gerät der Firma "Taucher Biebl" Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen werde ich diesen Schatz leider in treue Hände weitergeben. Hat jemand Interesse?
Gruß Alfred
1:16am 06-15-2021
Mike Dismuke
Great site! Fascinating subject. I can't believe those old Italian sets are still around, and you guys can re-build them. But yeah sure I'm jealous! Important pieces of history you guys are helping to preserve. If I find anything laying around here I will be sure to share with you.
7:56am 05-28-2021
Inspiration for me, because I have a "new" dolphin at home and I will learn with it ...
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