8:51am 05-15-2021
Quel travail. Bravo.
J'aime y revenir de temps à autres pour voir vos dernières découvertes.
9:09am 05-06-2021
Michael Leveillee
Hello nice site.
4:42am 11-29-2020
Rene Leddick Johnsto
Searching my Grandmother (Norma ) who is the daughter of Chester Macduffee. She named her 1st son Chester Leddick&2nd son Robert. She also had a daughter Pauline.
5:40am 11-14-2020
Alex Funke
Fantastic site! Great research. I have always been fascinated by rigid diving suits, and your site has more than any where else!

Keep up the wonderful work! Alex
7:51am 11-13-2020
Very nice page
5:01am 10-13-2020
Alexander Justice
Thank you for sharing such wonderful history!
9:23pm 10-03-2020
Mihajlo Filipovic
Thanks for bringing back memories! The ARO57B is the 1st model I've learned O2 diving with, way back in 1971! Think I can still recall the smell of the scrubber... Nowadays I only use open-circuit gear.
4:01pm 09-14-2020
Longino Giorda
thank you
5:05am 09-10-2020
Paulina Sanchez
HI, this was very interesting and I really enjoyed looking through it
12:01am 09-01-2020
Ed. Uditis
always great info
11:59pm 08-31-2020
Ed. Uditis hds⁰
Always great info
1:48pm 08-30-2020
Theo Leegwater
What a story,could not enter the fotoalbum on the French site.
9:34am 08-28-2020
Donald C.A Watson
Nice site, well worth a visit. Dive deep, dive safe.
6:59am 08-10-2020
David Moreau
Thanks for this information.
9:59am 08-07-2020
Ryan Stavka
Great site!
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