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3:46pm 03-28-2016
Luigi Fabbri
Thank you for your work!
5:47pm 03-20-2016
michel casals
11:39pm 02-03-2016
Paul Turner
In the 60s my dad saw a unit I think at world expo NY 64 or at NASA I was always interested. He described it as a little smaller,4 inch sphere. I was always waiting for it to be available. I was 10 .Still waiting. Thanks for the post. Paul from Sydney Australia.
4:36pm 02-03-2016
Ian Boyd
Hi....I was one of the first few to be trained as a Diver and as a Technician using the PP1 in the UK. I was Lead Diver with Strongwork International at the time and we were Training to use the PP1 in conjunction with the Drass Saturation/Bell System, and the Bruker 'Mermaid 111 / 1V' Submarine (Diver Lockout) The PP1 It was a brilliant bit of kit. I do still have the training certificates packed away somewhere. (Numbers 002,& 004. I think?) I Also the 'Diver Training Manual & Technician's Manual ....Happy Days

Best Regards
Ian S Boyd (confido)
12:52am 01-30-2016
Great site and excellent work!

Greetings from Norway
Best Regards
Victoria Forbrukslån
6:17pm 01-28-2016
Adri Breemen
Goed verhaal. Ik heb met mijn een mec sinds 2 jaar en we zijn hier zeer te spreken over.
6:37pm 01-23-2016
Jerry Smith
This site is like a "Breath of Fresh Air".
7:04am 01-18-2016
I just happen to think of this breather. Which I've seen in war flicks that involved submariners durning the war with Germany. And are they still use to day, maybe a newer model.
6:10am 01-09-2016
very interesting!
7:03pm 01-08-2016
Kirk Maberry
Saw this suit on pinterest and started looking around for more info. You have much more than anyone else.
9:40pm 01-07-2016
Don Field
Your website is an interesting discovery
8:04pm 12-29-2015
David j gerety
Awesome job really enjoyed your artwork
2:55am 12-25-2015
francis galland
good job, well done.
11:52am 12-04-2015
James Thomson
Very good site.
10:53pm 11-24-2015
J.B. Polak
My grandfather, Bernard Samuels, flutist, in 1911 invented a device for assisting players of wind instruments in sustaining long notes. This device he called "aerophor".
I have various times come across this name as designating an apparatus used in the mining industry.
Has my grandfather known about the existence of the name "aerophor" in its latter sense? There is no documentation about this whatsoever. As an inventor, he may himself also have invented the name for his invention. On the other hand, there is no reason to exclude that he was aware of the existence of the name "aerophor" for an apparatus used in the mining industry.

Jacob Polak
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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