6:57am 07-30-2020
1:50am 07-17-2020
Fought 1 of 2 fires onboard
5:12am 07-16-2020
Fantastic site thanks so much for the great info!
12:54pm 07-07-2020
David Daniel
Ex British SBS diver using rebreather sets in the 60's .. later moved to Offshore oilfield diving
8:03pm 02-28-2020
I have one of the mc caa rebreathers just like that one, comes in red case made of wood ,working condition
2:10pm 02-01-2020
TJ Green
Incredible site !
3:37am 01-26-2020
Charles W Young
I am the new owner of the Hydroglove All Rubber Dry Suits. I purchased the assets of the company from the widow of Bill Sewell and relocated it from Boise, Idaho, USA to Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The website is

1:13pm 01-22-2020
D Puetz
I just donated a Marc 3/4 Lambertson to the Maritime Museum at Fort Brag and would like to know it’s approximate value.
This is the only known unit remaining in the world.
6:33pm 01-06-2020
Pauli Uusitalo
12:32pm 01-01-2020
Maurizio Sicco
Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing
1:27am 12-04-2019
Aaron Gillespie
Well written, good job!
6:31am 12-03-2019
Joel E. Tuck
Joel Tuck

Very interesting article. Love the photos. Is anyone using cryo scuba now in 2019?
10:27pm 10-13-2019
Mark Roberts
Enjoyed your site. Was trying to locate a "Mine Safety Appliances" re-breather unit I need to sell. Couldn't find it in the database. I don't see a way to attach any pictures of it. Thanks for lots of interesting reading.
7:58am 09-19-2019
Rafa Herrero
Is there a version of Gap for Mac?
2:25pm 09-07-2019
Hello do you have any more information on the LOX 120? I found one and I'm having trouble finding out anything about it. Any help would be great. Thankyou
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