9:26pm 08-25-2019
Joseph F.White MD
I love your site and recommend it to all my diving friends. Your site has brought immeasurable pleasure for many older rebreather divers as well as newer divers. Thanks!
11:38pm 07-16-2019
Dennis Ould
HI This brings back some memories! i was certified on 10/11/96 at the ANDI Facility on long island by Anthony G Zimos RBI-#2
useing the 2 UT-240
6:52pm 07-04-2019
Jeff Waters
nice job .!!
6:38pm 07-02-2019
Phil Nuytten
Good Work!
11:27pm 06-07-2019
David S Harrelson
Quite the selection you have acquired. Thats a lot of information that you have obtained.
11:24am 05-25-2019
Kerry McKenzie
Greetings old friend, it has been a while, Im still alive but no longer diving now as i gave it all up after 43 years of regular diving.
kind regards Kerry McKenzie (Tubby)
4:19am 05-25-2019
Un site où je reviens souvent.
12:17am 05-07-2019
Romie Ruiz
Great document!
11:19am 05-06-2019
Luigi Fabbri
Questo sito è sempre più interessante! Complimenti
This site is always more interesting! Congratulations
12:50am 04-26-2019
David Phillips
I am a relative of Lodner D Phillips and my son Lodner R Phillips is very interested in his family history regarding these inventions. Thank you so much for creating and posting to this site. We recently discovered some letters from my grandmother she had written for me while i was in the coast guard regarding the discovery of one of his subs in Lake Erie and we are starting to follow up on that info.
9:31pm 04-16-2019
What a fantastic website! I cant get enouth to read it. I am interested about your oxygers 57. Is it possible to have some information?
5:26pm 04-10-2019
gerard laden
I am trying to make cont with anyone who is or has recently dived a DC 55 re-breather. It was called LEBA long endurance breathing apparatus LEBA by the Royal Marines
I am in the process of refurbishing a set and would appreciate some advice on rigging and spare parts

any help most welcome
3:27am 04-02-2019
Robert Hughes
Excellent Suite. As an engineer employed professionally in the area of diving and salvage, and knowing the difficulty of understanding why things have to be the way they are within the context of technology at the time, you have an excellent historical background. I have made a study of similar "oddball" inventions to see what might could be bought forward with today's technology and provide an advance, you have quite a resource here. Have you thought about approaching it personally. I can tell who might could use your help. The admirable young man that started the effort to clean up the plastic in the sea, and whom I believe has been overwhelmed with experts, some who are not, or are too specialized, and someone with a sense of perspective from technology and history might be a big asset to him Sorry I can't remember his name, but the project is called the great pacific garbage patch (removal.) By the way, the Germans actually used underwater tanks to cross the Vistula at the start of the Russian campaign, made an underwater tractor with amphibious treads, and some other rather strange devices, but they built them and tried them. So did the Italians. But kudos to yo for this site. What an accomplishment.
Thanks Bob Hughes
Replied on: 8:38am 04-02-2019

Bob thanks, this guy you mentioned is Boyan Slat a fellow countryman from the Netherlands check this

4:38pm 03-11-2019
Massimo Torboli
very good site

all the best from

DIA - Dive International Agency
2:21pm 02-26-2019
Humberto Ramirez
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