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1:31am 07-05-2017
I am a SCBA/vintage SCUBA enthusiast and this is one of my favorite websites
2:35am 06-29-2017
William Blackett
Thanks for the opportunity of reconnecting again with the apparatus I used years ago when I worked underground in the Durham coalfield.
2:26pm 06-23-2017
Paul Marriott
Hi I used to be an officer in the UK Mines Rescue Service and have worn a number of Re-breathers AIROLOX, Proto MK4, ARGA Spiro, and Sabre Safety SEFA, great to see the information you have amassed.

Best wishes
6:08am 07-12-2016
Massimo Lombroso
Very, very interesting site.
I have the possibility to shot many photos of the Pirelli "uomo gamma" rebreather in september 2016
I live in Genua, Italy
12:32pm 07-11-2016
Alex Gloster
Thank you for the information on these pages. I have an MSA OBA A-4, and was trying to find the date of manufacture, but most grateful for the information on the site.

11:13am 07-01-2016
Ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg
7:01am 06-16-2016
Serge Slingerland
Great information! Jeroen Gompelman showed me this website. Keep up the good work, brgds Serge
11:52pm 06-15-2016
Ron Acosta
looking for a book by eric micheletti 'warriors from the deep' Thank you for any assistance in obtaining to this text and how i might be able to get a hold of it. Ron
6:31pm 06-13-2016
Marion Witte
SFUWO 1972
4:36pm 06-13-2016
Hi. Good site.Thank you.
7:17pm 05-18-2016
Kevin End
It's great to see the pioneering days of diving preserved for all to read about. Brave and adventurous Participants.

Sincerely, Kevin End
5:09am 04-04-2016
Ty Wyatt
Love your site and the historic records it keeps. Keep up the hard work!
3:46pm 03-28-2016
Luigi Fabbri
Thank you for your work!
5:47pm 03-20-2016
michel casals
11:39pm 02-03-2016
Paul Turner
In the 60s my dad saw a unit I think at world expo NY 64 or at NASA I was always interested. He described it as a little smaller,4 inch sphere. I was always waiting for it to be available. I was 10 .Still waiting. Thanks for the post. Paul from Sydney Australia.
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