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9:18am 03-07-2014
Charlie Navarro
Hello from South Texas of the USA from the city of (Pharr) just wanted to say hello and say I'm very happy to come across this web page (blog) . I don't know much about rebreathers but thankfully I know I'm in the right place .thank you for taking the time for answering my emails hope to learn and do business in the near future best regards Charlie
9:12am 02-26-2014
Dean Kilsby
The SAFB had them in the 1960s used them sparingly (cost)
11:11pm 02-23-2014
Francesco Papetti
I practice SCUBA diving since 1974.
I began with two Pirelli tanks and Pirelli regulator.
Now I'm looking for documents about a 1954 dive in the cave of Acquasanta Terme (Italy). I suppose the diver used Pirelli LS901.
Thanks for all information,
Pescara (Italy)
6:17pm 02-21-2014
Thank you for your very interesting site. You are a very efficient geek and a nice person, Jan Willem !
3:56pm 02-19-2014
Ryan Derks
Interesting site. very complete. You keep watching.
10:24pm 02-15-2014
Mats Høvin
Fantastic site!!
4:13pm 02-15-2014
RJ Hallett
For years I was acquainted with Gene Zimmerman, a man of exceptional brilliance, from Beloit, Wisconsin, who had been involved with 3 other men in some study and project to raise Gunilda. He had talked and consulted with me about it for years as my background is in industrial overhead lifting handling equipment and structural relocation. I recall him speaking of travels there, meeting with some of the others to survey the area. He's deceased now and I've been trying to recall some of that he had shared with me. Might any of this sound familiar?
3:08am 02-11-2014
Ed Fogderud
Great stuff. Thanks Ed...
12:44am 01-28-2014
Charles Read
Time i got into rebreathers again.
5:47pm 01-18-2014
David Boarer
Hi. really interesting pages thank you for them. Qualified Royal Navy Rebreather Diver in 1962, moved into Commercial Diving 1972 only air Diving. Bought four wrecks and plundered them and others until 2003 when I sold up and came to live in Brittany in France. Not given up yet, still get my head wet now and again. Enjoyed the site. Regards Dave
10:18pm 01-16-2014
Noel Rees
Hi Michael, Please can you send me some details and prices for the the Ali box.... And titanium.... Have recently purchased an Inspiration vision.
Kind regards
7:31pm 01-13-2014
John Chalus
I really would like to be there but I live in New Jersey USA.
6:41pm 01-13-2014
John Chalus
I'm a former SEAL and love this site.
10:26pm 01-08-2014
Michael Domitrek
4:29pm 01-03-2014
Alex Golovine
i am interest in buying and electrolung RB for display only as complete as posible. can u sell my one or do u know of anybody that has or is will ing to sell one. Jus got and RB 80 and CisLunar for 5 K US each for display only Thanku and let me now Ale g Houston Texas
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