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10:48am 01-15-2015
Hello Jan Williem, Your site has sure grown a lot since the last time I got a chance to check it out.
I was looking at your pics of assorted re breathers trying to find some info about a strange one.
It was the Last one on your list that I looked at, wouldn't ya know it !
It is The J.H. Emerson and Co. " Min-O-Lung"
Do you have Any other info you could tell me about it ? a guy I know has one that is like Brand new. It looks Military but I guess it's not. Do you know where I can find out more info about the Min-O- Lung ? Year it was made ? What it might be worth in MINT condition etc. Any info you might have would sure be appreciated . Thanks a lot Don Russell Ca. USA
7:08am 01-07-2015
Please send BG-174 SPARE PARTs list with Part number & all details, Sketch.
10:45pm 12-31-2014
Very interesting stuff! Don't get to hear much of this in mainstream history. Love the plethora of drawings of mechanical man breatheing shells. Thanks!
9:36pm 12-31-2014
That was a great write up about deep diving on McGarvey's Shoal off Rossport. Thank you so much
11:18pm 12-26-2014
What is the EOba rebreather?--does it actually work?--what does in cost?--where can you buy it?
6:09am 12-23-2014
Nice info, glad you put some effor tinto making an informative site, the info is much appreciated.
3:37am 12-14-2014
You got some stones nice job and take care
6:19pm 12-13-2014
Thank-you for all valuable information
Best regards
1:54am 11-30-2014
I have only done scuba, this looks like a death waiting to happen BUT it is interesting. Thanks for sharing.
5:28pm 11-23-2014

See (Vobster Marine Systems) for a new sort of rebreather called the Sentinel Life Support System (LSS).

Please what is your current email address?
3:43pm 11-23-2014
I want have one like This good work
10:56pm 11-22-2014
Very interesting website.
I always have been fascinating by rebreathers. I have one 2 ww old style manual.
I m stll finding info to see if can really substitute oc.
8:24pm 11-22-2014
hello de la Wantzenau FRANCE

Je serais intéressé par un FGT coque noir

Suis possesseur d'un Dolphin et d'un DC 55 et serais tenté par le FGT
9:30pm 11-18-2014
Hi I'm doing research on pictures, I wonder which was used in scuba equipment, i.e. 2. World War II and closed cycle open circuit only half open circuit only thank you in advance
Replied on: 10:18pm 11-18-2014

WWII no open circuit
WWII closed circuit oxygen en semiclosed nitrox
WWI closed circuit oxygen !
1857 first closed circuit oxygen
Ted Eldred first open circuit 2nd Cousteau

6:44pm 11-16-2014
A major contribution to the field. A lot to be learned about sound approach thinking, making things work well, keeping them
properly constructed and safe to use. Many thanks, Walter.
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