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12:07am 08-19-2014
Evan Johnson
I was a commercial diver for over 40 years and passed my master divers in 1964. I have a few photos of myself in old diving gear from that period including old dry suits, o2 rebreathers and standard suits if you would like a copy for your site just let me know and I'll see what I can find.

Thanks for a great site, I am now a published author and found your site while looking for a suitable image for the cover of one of my books. Let me know if you have any of old mark 4 rebreathers.
11:19am 08-12-2014
Paul Rossf
hoping to find lots knowledge to enable me to be safe and competent and confident rebreather
7:10pm 08-06-2014
Phil Resch Capt USN
Retired Navy Captain. Just watched Silent Enemy and was curious about the equipment. Website is very well done.
Thank you.

Phil Resch
1:29am 08-02-2014
James R Pollard
J B Pollard was my great grandfather. I don't have any other information about the diving suit other than the patent. He also has a 1903 Patent, 718,791 for a Rotary (steam) Engine. If I find any details on the diving suit, I will forward them to you. I do have a short biography of him I can forward if you like.

Dr. James R Pollard
10:19pm 07-27-2014
Kenneth A. Campbell
I really like the homemade rebreather you made .. Wish I could make one ... Ciao
6:35pm 07-22-2014
bill ruston
Lovely site - My brother and I show early "Proto" sets, talking about their use in Tunnelling in WW1.
Does anyone know where we can get spare breathing bags now please?. Just one point.
The Proto MkIV set illustrated should have the valve group and gauge on the wearer's left side - not his right side.
very best wishes
Bill Ruston
4:04pm 07-18-2014
Donal Doherty
Excellent M8
5:24am 06-27-2014
Pete Ryan
Nice collection of BOV's etc. Keep checking out Kirby Morgan for future new items for the M48 and Mod-1 masks.
Regards, Pete Ryan, engineering, KMDSI
2:09am 06-24-2014
I have some very old negatives and pictures of the Williamson expedition...
Replied on: 8:46pm 07-13-2014

Is there a way I could obtain a copy for my website?

Jan Willem Bech

5:26am 06-16-2014
Ray Svestka
Greetings from the Atlanta, Georgia area:

Thank you for providing this excellent, fascinating website!

I'm a former hardhat diver from the U.S. I was born in Michigan in 1959, joined the U.S. Navy at 18, served in submarines until 1983, then, in 1984, joined the U.S. Army for 3 years. When I got out of the army, I was in upstate NY, where I learned to scuba dive in the St. Lawrence River & Lake Ontario. Within 6 months, I went to a commercial deep sea diving school in NJ, and worked as a commercial diver for most of the next 25 years. When I wasn't actively working as a hardhat diver, I taught scuba.

I was always interested in the wreck of the Gunilda--especially in the loss of King Hague & the subsequent activities of Fred Broennle. I knew of the movie, "Drowing In Dreams", but couldn't find it in the U.S. and inquiries to the Canadian National Film Board proved fruitless, at least at the time, a few years ago. I'd like to see the movie, but even if I never get to, this website has provided PILES of information that I didn't have in the past. Thanks very much for your your excellent and VERY INTERESTING website!

Very respectfully,

Ray Svestka
Norcross, GA, U.S.A.
(READY to move back to the Beautiful & Mysterious Great Lakes!)
8:56pm 06-11-2014
Eduardo de la Vega
Thanks a lot for so much great info...
1:43am 06-03-2014
Rm Williams
Thank you so much for sharing this information. I am working on Williamson images in a silent film collection, and was glad to see Charles Williamson's design. There are a number of Simon Lake photos also, so am guessing their paths crossed.
7:31pm 05-23-2014
seawolf 575
Nice page but I hate to say the ivybells divers did not use rebreathers... my info source? I was there.
10:41pm 05-15-2014
Jeffrey Diaz
What is the required CO2 absorbant that both the manufacturer as well as yourself, recommends for the old Fenzy 55 rebreather. I have need of the lightest weight unit for extremely shallow water , less than 4-6 meters to access some placer gold mining diving in a remote area of our Trinity alps Wilderness. It is impossible even to access with horses or mules, only by walking, climbing. I don't want to alert any others with sound of a compressor.

In addition to working offshore in the Norwegian sector of your North Sea and inspecting, constructing & maintaining several oil platforms, Statfjord C, Gulfaks A & B and Oseberg A, with my British HSE Part I with an older USA license to 60 meters decompression diving, I have certifications from TDI in Nitrox I, II, Staged Decompression and Deep Air Courses as well as a drager rebreathger course. I also instructed 7 years full time for NAUI ( iNSTRUCTOR # 13927 ) on Koh Tao Thailand being among the first instructors there in the late 1980's.

Can you sell me this Fenzy 55 unit here in Texas ? For the last 15 years I chase pest birds away with trained falcons. Thanks, Jeff
Replied on: 12:29am 05-16-2014

Please send me a private mail and ican inform you concerning your questions

4:36pm 05-14-2014
Alex Golovine
I am interest in buying one electrolung RB Display only does not have to be complete nor in working condition, to add it to my collection of Rb in my house in Mexico.
Currently I am a IANTD CCR intructor and diving the Pit in mexico, and already have a CisLunar, RB80, and many of the other ones.
but the Crown Jwewl will be the Electrolung. Even if u can just sell me the middle part where the electronic go and the scrubber be great.
thank u very much currently I live in Houston Texas
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