10:50am 10-18-2022
Excellente source d'informations et de documents. J'y reviens souvent
9:42pm 10-11-2022
Great site for senior design project! Thanks mate!
10:01pm 09-26-2022
Patrick fealy
I have a Russian rebreather with a perfect titanium scrubber that is spring loaded. I want to build this. I'm a certified ccr diver. Evolution with Kiss dive time.
I might have some questions as I learn about this
12:36am 09-25-2022
Michael Menduno
Love you site!!
3:36pm 09-16-2022
Will F Hux
Nice information, I have visited and signed before. Wanted to let you know i support the work. I have 2 of the 240's and a shell with some parts and now too old to do anything with them if you know someone interested.
8:57pm 09-03-2022
yves clercin
merci pour cet historique , il ira tout droit dans l'encyclopédie des appareils plongeurs toutes époques qui se construit. [email protected]
12:40am 09-01-2022
Paul Lucas
Great Source of INFO
3:50pm 08-31-2022
Stephen A Luchon
Awesome history and information! I am a web developer, and would love to help you get an updated site made! Let me know!
8:40pm 08-23-2022
collin dailey
great information wore these for years as amines rescue brigaidsman collindailey ashby de la zouch leicestershire
10:12pm 08-19-2022
This title musty have taken so much passion and dedication. Thank you for all the research and time you put into it.
5:12pm 08-19-2022
Clercin Yves
c'est une belle recherche, si on peut s'entraider car j'ai découvert 1400 scaphandres dit appareils plongeurs jusque la , ma recherche commence d''Alexandre le grand à 1900 [email protected]. Et je trouve encore
8:35pm 06-24-2022
Awesome site! There is so much really helpful info here!
9:00am 05-15-2022
Thank you for the education,great reading!!!
7:51pm 05-08-2022
bernie campoli
near information on usb Emerson cc rebreather
3:59am 04-05-2022
William Guild
Amazing read and great history about the ship and subsequent shipwreck. Thank you for your time and dedication!! Coming from Pompano Beach FL
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