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5:24pm 06-08-2018
Oberst Dackel
What a wonderfully unique and fascinating website! Iwas brought here by the Telegraph UK (what passes for "news" or "journalism" today would have made for fine toilet tissue on old subs) but of course being a dullard, I bit the bait, hook line and sinker and I found out Minions were not in fact spawns of the Nazis (oh those crazy naughty Germans still haunting us after 1945 and their Vril technology and their Thulean hollow Earth base (let's not forget their Haunebu UFO's from Antarctica))- but a rather brilliant solution to a serious life-or-death problem of escaping from what can only be any sane persons worst nightmare- drowning in a flooding pitch black tin can at the bottom of the sea. What magnificent heroic bravery these pioneers of re-breather technology had, "no greater love hath no man than this, who lay down his life for another".
7:23am 06-08-2018
robles moreno robert
i am very interest for is rebreather!
please check me a price.
best regard
2:36pm 06-02-2018
Bob Cuberly
Very much enjoyed all your historical info. I personally did not use the rebreathers but as ET designer and crew for JSL 1 and 2 at Harbor Branch Foundation, and Deep Diving Systems Constructor, and other submarines design and construction, I was aware of the tremendous value of the rebreather designs in diving as well as the NASA aerospace applications. Great to find this article after a long time away, and read about people I have worked with professionally.
Best wishes to all.
7:12pm 06-01-2018
yves Clercin
hello from Canada,
I discovered your website by doing a search on J.E. williamson, do you know how long williamson had the company submarine film company !. would you have old catalog's diving in PDF! I have pdf catalog collection and I write the encyclopedia of sims 1693-1970, for any answers thank you yves
Replied on: 9:52am 06-02-2018

Yves i have no more info on mr Williaamsonunfortunately
Any additonal info is welcome!


6:14am 05-08-2018
Anthony Ivankovic
Captivating- the result of major effort in investigating the wreck I reckon. Beautiful story.
5:06pm 04-24-2018
Todd Hall
Very Interesting! In fact, fascinating!
1:06am 04-24-2018
Paul Adams
Ex-CD, 1975
4:30pm 04-23-2018
craig lenell
great story! loved all of the old diving gear.
2:46pm 04-23-2018
Thomas C. Hudson
I am one of the direct descendants of Henry Hudson . I enjoyed the story and the photos immensely , Thank you .
2:05pm 04-23-2018
The Lake is one of a kind.
10:21am 04-18-2018
10:00pm 04-09-2018
Seth M.
Great site on obscure and neat stuff! Thanks from Ohio, U.S.A.
11:44pm 03-24-2018
stephen p
digging these historical dive suits. good stuff - all the best to you.
3:53am 03-11-2018
Mr Binh
Dear Sir!
My name Mr BInh, Im in Vietnam.
Im interested your product, I need buy your product: W70 oxygen rebreather with qty: 6 pcs
Can you for me price lists and catalog pls?
See your reply soon
1:11pm 03-04-2018
intersting site! I dive (open circuit SCUBA) but love history
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